You know a course is the next right step so why are you putting it off...again?




✓Uncertain if your idea could even become a course, masterclass or series?

✓Bogged down by all the details - planning, creating, launching and more?

✓Stuck before you even start because there are so many moving pieces and decisions?

✓Confused by how to organize a course or masterclass?

✓Frustrated by all the technology choices - how do you decide where to host this course anyway?

✓Afraid of putting yourself out there and possibly failing?

You're not alone. Most business owners are not course experts. Luckily for you, I am. And I'm showing you my proven, step-by-step process for turning your great idea into an even better course!

Investment: $2399
Pay in full or 4 installments

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Here's what Lara SAid...

Before working with Katy, I felt like I was probably never going to actually launch. Having Katy helped me sort through my ideas, provide me with homework and accountability and continue to move forward and make progress.

I just launched and I received immediate interest, built a waitlist and am now continuing to market and call in more leads!

Working with Katy 100% saved me time and energy because I would spend months spinning my wheels, reworking the same things over and over again without moving forward.

Lara La Sala
Launch + Systems Strategist

You've got a unique skill or expertise, 
and you'de love to scale your business with a course.

  • Your idea is enough for a full-fledged course.
  • You have an audience that is ready and willing to buy it.
  • You have a plan for more than just creating. You’ve gotta know how to plan, launch, and evaluate, too.

The Course Creation Formula is designed to give you a strong foundation, so when you launch, you know you’re offering valuable solutions to problems your audience wants to solve. 

But before you create a course and launch it out
into the world, we've got to make sure:

Investment: $2399

INside the course creation formula, You'll learn the five phases of profitable course creation

ANALYSIS: This is where we look critically at your idea to decide if it's ready to become a fully developed course

DESIGN: Here we’ll complete your detailed and intentional outline or storyboard before creating the course content

DEVELOPMENT: Now it’s time for the meat of the course – putting together scripts, filming videos, and compiling materials

IMPLEMENTATION: Learn how to put together a plan and social media strategy for a successful launch

EVALUATION: It’s not over after launching! Now we collect feedback and evaluate how to improve for next time

And it gets even better...

I have designed this program with implementation weeks so you will actually get it done. 

A course fully ready to launch by the end of 8 weeks.

I need this!

Before working with Katy, I felt really overwhelmed and I was stalling for at least 3 months because I didn't know which thing to do first. Then when I started working with her - she broke it all down into bite sized steps so I could get started. <3 And now, I have a completed course and was able to have a 4 figure launch from the course she helped me organize! <3 Soooo.... I'm feeling PRETTY awesome now!

After working with Katy, I was able to have a 4 figure launch, I attracted my IDEAL clients, plus now I have a completed course that can help me create passive income! Plus, I now I have a formula that i can keep using for each of my future courses! <3 I feel happier, less stressed over the process, plus - I mean I made money. <3 And that's always great to know that I went from an idea in my head to numbers in my bank account! <3

Booking a Power Month with Katy TOTALLY saved me time. It took me 3 months to do NOTHING and take no action. But within one month of working with her - I had a full 8 week course and was able to launch and then start making an income from my dreams!

I would recommend Katy! I just loved how easy she made everything! So thank you!

Lexie Wilson
Astrologer + Manifestation Teacher

I love Katy’s no BS ways and infinite humor. She makes everything you want to do seem doable and simple.

I was excited to work with her because I liked how real she was and felt that she would tell the truth no matter what. Still feel that and more!

After working with Katy, I don't feel scared of creating a program and know how to!

These sessions saved me time. I was sitting on info and ideas for over a year. She helped me put it all together in less than a month.

Yes, I would recommend Katy! She is your friend. She's on your side. She keeps things simple and holds your hand and makes sense out of the garbled mess you have in your head! She made me laugh and felt like my teacher and partner!



Here's what you're getting when you enroll in
The course Creation Formula 2.0

Create your full course in just eight weeks!

  • 4-module, self-paced course that teaches you how to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate your course from the ground up

  • Professional social media strategy for launching with ease

  • LIVE Q+A Implementation Calls every two weeks

  • Canva tutorials to help you create beautiful, effective course materials

  • Technology training and breakdown of different hosting platforms

  • No BS, no fluff. Just straight course creation gold from a proven expert

Implementation weeks with feedback from Katy.

Life-time access to course so you can re-watch as you develop new courses and get immediate access to any new information added

All of this for only $1197!
Join the waitlist now for your chance to save $200 on your investment.

Investment: $2399

I'm ready to scale

Meet your Course creation expert

Hey! I'm Katy. And creating profitable courses in my superpower. Plus I have tons of experience launching on social as a social media strategist.

As online business owners, there’s a lot we have to teach ourselves and figure out as we go.

But when it comes to creating a successful course, you need someone who knows what they’re talking about. And here’s the thing – I have a Master’s degree in courses. Seriously! I got my MA in Instructional Design. I spent years learning exactly how to map out effective learning and structure successful courses. 

When you pair that with my background in teaching and social media – it’s a trifecta of course expertise!

Not only am I teaching you my proven method for researching, planning, and creating a course everyone will love… but I’m also using my social media experience to help you craft a solid launch plan that will help you sell like a boss.

And I can’t wait to help you learn everything you need inside The Course Creation Formula 2.0! 

All of this for only $1197!
Join the waitlist now for your chance to save $200 on your investment.

Questions? I've got answers

I want to create a course, but won't it take too long?

All the back-end organization and technology slow most people down when they’re creating their course. That’s why I trouble-shoot all the tech involved and walk you through putting your course together in a simple, direct way. If you watch the modules and dedicate time to your course creation, you can create a complete, profitable course in only four weeks!

Who is going to buy this course if I create it?

Having a killer course isn’t enough. Trust me, I created one that totally flopped. Not because my course was bad (it was awesome), but because I didn’t have an audience to sell to. Inside The Course Creation Formula, I walk you through analyzing your audience so you know that when you launch, they want your course and are ready to buy!

There's a bunch of free course creation info on Pinterest...

Yep! There is. And you could probably piece together some information about creating a course. But Pinterest isn’t going to give you a proven, step-by-step system, with training, tutorials, and to-do items along the way. This course is everything I know about professional course creation, all in one pretty package. (And I know a lot.)

But how do I launch my course on social media?

Your social media strategy is a huge part of any successful launch. And you’re in luck! Not only am I a course expert, but I’ve also spent the last few years running a social media agency. I’m teaching you all of my proven strategies and framework for building a social media strategy that will help you sell out your course! You’re getting the whole package.

You want to launch a profitable course, and you want to do it right

That's exactly what I'm teaching you inside
The Course Creation Formula 2.0

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